Thai cuisine

A real crossroads between east and west, and between north and south, Thailand is the heart of South East Asia, and it is in part thanks to its position as a melting pot of peoples and cultures that its traditional cuisine has come to assimilate flavours and aromas from neighbouring lands.

Thai cooking encompasses all extremes, from light and fragrant, and fresh and fruity dishes, to spicy and robust dishes more suited for stronger palates.

At Kota Radja you can satisfy your craving for Thai food and enjoy numerous dishes from the East Asian tradition, all made from select ingredients and from the original and traditional recipes of this exotic land.

Thai restaurant

Thai Menu

The Thai menu that we offer at Kota Radja is rich and includes both the most prestigious Thai national dishes and the most sought after fusion specialities, from a creative cuisine that is always of the highest standard.

Thai first courses

  • Pad thai, the quintessential Thai dish, consisting of stir-fried noodles served with peanuts, shrimp, chicken, vegetables and lime
  • Tom yam, sweet and sour soup with meat or shrimp and coconut milk
  • Sauted rice noodles
  • Fried rice with vegetables
and many other specialities. Ask our staff for some expert advice, as they are always available to offer and recommend Thai specialities that are most suited to your tastes!

Green and red curry

The influence of Indian cuisine is most strongly felt with the preparation of the famous Thai curries - the green and red curries - that have different degrees of spiciness.

There are so many possible curries on offer, with fish and prawns, or meat, and they are always served with white rice, which in Thai cuisine is perhaps the equivalent of what bread represents for European diets.

The salads are also not to be forgotten, including the famous papaya salad: one of the best loved and popular recipes.

Come and visit our Thai-inspired fusion restaurant: you will find many dishes that will lead you to discover the flavours, aromas and colours of the East.

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