Chinese and Japanese Takeaway

Chinese takeaway

The Kota Radja in Milan is a go-to place for takeaway lovers: why not enjoy the best dishes from Chinese and Japanese cuisine directly in the comfort of your own home, or with a group of friends while watching the football or a good film together?

You can choose your favourite courses from the menu and order them by phone or directly at the restaurant (Magenta area, Conciliazione Metro Station on M2 line). In a few minutes you can pick up your takeaway and enjoy it when it is still hot and in the comfort of your own home!

Do you want to order a Chinese or Japanese takeaway

Place your order at 02468850

Fusion cuisine takeaway menu

For your perfect night in, we can offer all our dishes to take away: from the great Chinese classics, like fried rice, soy noodles, and almond chicken to particular fusion dishes, like Indonesian Nasi Goreng fried rice or fried chicken with coconut cream: let yourself be tantalised by an extensive and extremely appetising menu!

Japanese cuisine also features prominently and is available for takeaway: we have sushi and sashimi available for takeaway, but also yaki udon noodles, yaki soba, teriyaki chicken and much more.

Pay us a visit and pick up a copy of our menu to take home or call for more information.

Takeaway service

The chefs at Kota Radja prepare traditional dishes from Chinese and Japanese cuisine, all available to take away in metal tubs that preserve the flavour and temperature for a long time.

What we provide with our takeaway service

In addition to the fusion menu, the takeaway service includes:

  • chopsticks
  • paper napkins
  • sauces (sweet and sour, soy, spicy)

and of course a wide range of beverages and soft drinks.

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