Indonesian dishes

When you enter Kota Radja - the most elegant fusion restaurant in Milan - you will find yourself suddenly transported to the Far East, where everything is designed to provide customers with a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Comfortably seated in the elegant halls, and surrounded by a charming atmosphere, you can sample authentic cuisine from South East Asia, including Indonesian dishes: a cuisine that is not so easy to find even in modern Milan.

The traditions of an ancient cuisine

Among precious furniture, jade and fine wood panelling, you will be able to discover Indonesian flavours, and an aromatic and charming cuisine that is evocative of Javanese traditions, Balinese culture, the island of Sumatra and thousands of influences from a vast and cosmopolitan land.

Indonesian cuisine

Discovering Indonesian cuisine

While appearing similar to Chinese cuisine, Indonesian cuisine differs primarily for the nuances that are reflected by ethnic differences in the archipelago, in the choice of ingredients, the careful use of spices and flavour combinations.

Indonesian cuisine, and cuisine from the island of Java in particular: the real speciality of the Kota Radja restaurant, includes different combinations from as far as India, Singapore and neighbouring Malaysia: the result is a plunge into the flavours of the East, where every culinary nuance is carefully served.

Dishes from the Indonesian menu

Located in the Magenta area of Milan, our restaurant serves several fine Indonesian dishes, including:

  • Nasi Goreng, the Indonesian national dish made with fried rice, chicken, shrimps, eggs and vegetables
  • Babi Panggang, a grilled pork speciality
  • Javanese roasted goat
  • many different versions of shrimp
  • barbecued squid
  • salad with shrimp and chilli sauce
  • fried chicken flavoured with spices and coconut cream

    and much, much more..

    Chicken satay and soups

    Java is also famous for its chicken or mutton soups and satays, as well as its meat kebabs, served with a delicious peanut-based sauce.

    At Kota Radja it is also possible, of course, to savour Indonesian specialities as part of an extensive menu, that also includes oriental and fusion dishes from China and Japan.

    Discover the magic of the flavours of Indonesia: you'll soon be hooked!

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