Chinese and Oriental restaurant for events and meetings

Oriental cuisine for business dinners, conferences and events

Thanks to the sophistication and elegance of our setting, Kota Radja is the perfect choice of Chinese restaurant for business dinners, meetings and events of all kinds. We have a large meeting room that is cared for to the last detail and that features exotic and precious adornments.

All our rooms are furnished with traditionally oriental wooden furniture, that is carved and decorated with transparent jade and rare porcelain. 
The ambiance is enhanced by light oriental music, at a volume that does not disrupt conversation in any way.
Our staff are fluent in Italian, English and Chinese and are therefore perfectly qualified to best serve an international clientle.

We have adopted a fusion approach to East Asian cuisine, so anyone who is looking for a Japanese restaurant for meetings, business dinners, work dinners and official or business events of any kind can trust in our commitment to quality and our many years of experience.

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