Chinese restaurant in the Sempione area

At Kota Radja, a stylish Chinese restaurant in Milan, you can enjoy traditional Chinese dishes prepared with the finest quality and nationally-produced raw materials. Old traditional recipes from Cantonese and Manchurian cuisine combine perfectly with the finest quality ingredients selected by the best Italian suppliers. The result is a Chinese cuisine that is lighter, more creative, richer in flavours and different subtleties, with so many different dishes to suit everyone's palate.

All of this is available in a totally relaxing setting, in rooms that are elegantly furnished in the traditional Oriental style and full of carvings and decorations, where gold, statues, lacquered walls and precious jades create a unique, romantic and evocative ambiance.

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The Kota Radja restaurant is located on piazzale Baracca, near Corso Vercelli, in the Magenta/viale Washington area.

The restaurant can be easily reached by public transport, by taking the M2 (red line) and alighting at the Conciliazione Metro Station.

If you wish to book a table or make further enquiries then do not hesitate to contact us: we look forward to hearing from you!

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